Content Delivery Network Performance

By reducing the distance between your website’s users and its server, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) can speed up page load times and enhance customer satisfaction. Count on Liquid Web technologies to deliver when high performance is needed to push content to your CDN servers (Akamai CDN) or if enviable CDN speed is needed to distribute content rapidly to your customers (Cloud flare® CDN).

Akamai CDN for Your Server: Enterprise-Level Support, Worldwide Access

You’ve already lost the war if local servers can’t get your material quickly enough. The industry-leading Akamai Intelligent Platform is required by sites that urgently need to actively push content to CDN servers. The largest and most seasoned CDN in the world, Akamai has local servers in more than 120 nations. Between 15 and 30 percent of all worldwide Internet, traffic is handled by Akamai, which offers a platform that is unmatched for vital websites. In order to guarantee the availability, performance, and security of your data as it travels, Akamai’s servers are actually spread across more than 2,000 of the world’s networks. They achieve this through applying sophisticated algorithms, applied mathematics, and real-time Internet monitoring.

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The Next Level of Performance with Cloudflare

The network of Cloudflare comprises thousands of servers and continues to expand daily. Because of the service’s web content optimization and caching features, using Cloudflare can significantly reduce the size of your site’s pages and speed up page loads. Additionally, you’ll gain access to load balancing, which distributes the load across the whole Cloudflare network and can help your website better withstand traffic spikes.

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