Full Administrative Privileges on Our Private VPS Parent.

By Private VPS Parent, you may set up your very own private cloud infrastructure, within which you can launch, reposition, scale, and destroy an unlimited number of virtual machines. There is no limit to what may be done with precise control over one’s resources and the flexibility to relocate instances to the public cloud or build a public network of private cloud servers.

Why Do You Enjoy Our Hosting?

We recognise that in order to realise your vision, you want a partner with a technology advantage and a can-do attitude. Liquid Web combines great customer service with a diverse technology portfolio to provide all the hosting capability you’ll ever need to help you reach your full potential. That is why, with a leading NPS score of 67, Liquid Web is the most popular managed hosting company in the business.


Plesk and
cPanel Available

VPS hosting that is easily managed and offers system-level control, including automated upgrades, application deployment, and maintenance, is available to you here.

Advanced Security

Server-Secure is a distinctive layer of protection that is offered for fully managed Windows and Linux servers, allowing you to optimize your security settings.

DDos Attack

Invest in real-time monitoring to control traffic levels, protect your website and managed VPS hosting from unexpected threats, and more.


Every VM you launch is isolated from other users, ensuring the safety of your infrastructure and preventing any disturbances from occurring.

Unlimited Sites
with InterWorx

You also get total control of your servers and centralized hosting management for all of your websites and servers.

Dedicated IP

Your website's loading time, security, and performance can all benefit from having a dedicated IP address.

Gigabit Uplink

All incoming GB of bandwidth and up to 5 TB over a fast GB network with dedicated Gigabit uplinks are provided at no additional cost.

CloudFlare CDN

Manages the strain on your virtual private server (VPS) by utilizing a global network of servers located all over the world.

SSD Storage

Multiple SSD storage alternatives for your cloud environment will help you get better speeds and prevent bottlenecks.

Why Choose Green Softech?

No a Virtual Private Server nor a Dedicated Server, as you might expect. This is something quite different. If you’re familiar with our Cloud Dedicated Servers, a Private VPS Parent server will feel like at home. In a single-tenant environment, virtual servers can be deployed instantly, just like on a cloud-dedicated server. However, the Private VPS Parent server can be used to spin off individual VPS instances, which isn’t possible with other server types. To put it simply, you are building virtual private servers inside of a virtual private server host.

Due to its dependence on our provisioning processes, the Private VPS Parent server is and always will be a managed product. However, on a private VPS parent server, all new VPS servers you establish will automatically be assigned the management level you specified. On a private VPS parent server, you can host a variety of VPS instances, including those that are self-managed, core-managed, and fully managed.

To begin reselling on a Private VPS Parent server, all you need to do is install our WHMCS Reseller Plugin and have WHMCS set up and running. As soon as the WHMCS plugin is activated, server provisioning, client billing, and other tasks can be automated. Please refer to our KB article, “What is WHMCS and installing the Liquid Web plugin,” for more information on reselling a Private VPS Parent server with our special WHMCS plugin.