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We know firms whose sites fuel their business need more than infrastructure. They want an always-on, always-vigilant team.Your crew. Server monitoring, risk mitigation, and performance optimization. If you need support, one of our technicians will help you immediately. We make an effort to be a reliable partner. Greensoftech has the highest NPS score of any managed hosting company.

High Availability Server Cluster Hosting helps you Scale and Maintain Uptime.

If you want to grow your e-commerce website or create the next great social media app, we can help you do it. We may tailor a cluster of two or two hundred servers to your specific requirements. Our managed services, such as our managed high-availability and high-performance, are designed specifically for mission-critical applications and cannot be found anywhere else.

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Why Choose Green Softech?

A cluster is a specialized group of servers that work together to accomplish a certain task in a modular fashion. Hosting a site or application is often something that can be done adequately by a single server. Multiple services will coexist on this single server. A single server can efficiently host multiple services, such as a web service, DNS service, database service, and backup service. Each device can be used by multiple services at once. When the needs of a website or application outgrow the capabilities of a single server, it’s common to separate certain services onto their machine. In such a setup, each server does only database or web server tasks. When multiple servers are working together toward a common goal, they are said to be working as a cluster.

A cluster of servers housed in the cloud is known as a “cloud cluster.” With this strategy, clients can benefit from the flexibility of cloud hosting, including the ability to spin up and down new servers, resize servers, and move them in and out of the cluster based on changing business demands.

A cluster enables a client to dynamically assign resources to their application or website. Due to this flexibility, it is easier to allocate resources and has more control over how they are used. Additionally, it makes horizontal scaling simpler. When the cluster architecture is established, it is far simpler to add a new server to the web front-end in the event of a traffic spike than it is to start the restructuring process from scratch.