Easy Creatives to Host & Manage Multiple Sites

As a managed hosting platform, Cloud Sites removes the burden of cPanel and server administration from the hands of designers and publishers. The artistic community is the focus of Cloud Sites’ design. Whether you’re a PHP or.NET developer , or whether you’re using WordPress,Drupal, or Joomla as your content management system, Cloud Sites will allow you to quickly launch and easily manage your websites. As a result of Cloud Sites’ user-friendly design, this is feasible.


No servers to manage, no cumbersome setup. Choose a spot and go. Works perfectly.


In order to maintain order in your project management, I recommend setting up individual user accounts for each of your clients. Clients can monitor their own web usage data on a white-labeled dashboard that you can supply.

Uptime SLAs

Obtain both a 100% power guarantee and an assurance of continuous network operation for all of the primary routing devices operating within the network.


You need to showcase your work in progress, right? When you launch a website with Cloud Sites, you'll get a preview link to send to clients right away.

Launch Web
in Few Clicks

Hosting your website is easy with Cloud Sites, whether you're using a CMS like WordPressor building your own from scratch.